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Eddy current separator used in glass scraps recycling plant for non-ferrous metal's removing of the waste glass recycling

  • ECS*P
  • DS
  • Eddy current separator used in glass scraps recycl
  • 600~650kg/h
  • CE
  • 7~10years
  • Great wall
  • Simens
  • NSK
  • Country Voltage
  • Engineers Aivailable
  • 24 Hours Online Ervice

Eddy current separator used in glass scraps recycling plant

Product Description

Brief introduction:


The waste glass material from Glass factory contains the impurities such as plastic, aluminum, iron. Some glass factories still continue to use the way of artificial separation, separation effect depends on the human. And the workers will do the same thing for a long time. So the if the workers distract the attention, optional leakage will happen. What is more, the impurities if trapped under the glass, artificial difficult separation. Recently the labor costs are  gradually improve. The automatic sorting equipment can realize the automatic separation of iron, aluminum and plastics, improve the qualified rate of finished products, reduce the number of production personnel and reduce the wage cost.

is located in Hong Kong, and the recycled aluminum raw material is the motor casing of the scrapped automobile engine.





Product show:


Sorting line flow chart:

Working principle:

Work principle.jpg


Separated Material:



Example drawing part:




We will send you the formal drawing as your requirment before the production.

Products features:

Our eddy current separator has the eccentricity between the eddy current rotor and the outer barrel, which can prevent ferromagnetic materials from entering the equipment. Eccentric eddy current separator will have more stable operation and longer service life. It is especially suitable for the separation of recycled aluminum raw materials, steel scrap treatment, automobile car disassembly, household appliances disassembly and household garbage treatment.



1. The equipment is easy to debug and operate, and the position of the eddy current rotor is visible.

2. It is equipped with Completed safety and protection facilities. If there are abnormal eddy current separator, the alarm signal will star to work to prevent equipment damage.

3. Good sorting effect and stable operation, and the advanced lubrication system.


Company information
Our factory is Located in shanyang ,China, which is a professional enterprise producing magnetic series products. Our factory has been focusing on designing and manufacturing magnetic equipment for 12 years since 2006.We are one of the earliest suppliers of magnetic separator and eddy current separator in Asia. Main products are Eddy current separator, magnetic separator, belt magnetic separator, Drum magnetic separator and Grate magnets. 


 Our Advantage:
1. We have 13 years of professional production experience, and we are one of the earliest manufacturer of eddy current separator in China.
2. We have a technical engineer team with 10 engineers who have more than 25 years of working experience in eddy current separator.
3. In the list of 98 China National fixed appliances dismantling of the plant, there are 55 factories use our equipment. It can be proved through the website of the China’s Ministry of Commerce.   
4. We have provided different solutions for more than 500 users at China and abroad. We have rich experience in equipment’s actual use and Practical experience in case handling, which can fully solve various problems of customers.   


Factory photo:

factory-1 (1).jpg

At the exhibition:





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Treatable material

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Our Services


1. Before production, we will send the drawing of the product according to your requirements.

2. During the production process, we will regularly send you the production situation and pictures.

3. We will test the equipment before shipment, such as the magnetic intensity test, rotor dynamic balance experiment. And send you the photo and the video.

4. Warranty: 1 year. We will provide non-vulnerable accessories free during the warranty If you have any question, we will provide online video guidance. If online video guidance can not solve the problem, we will send engineers to your site for guidance. (Room and board expenses are negotiated separately.)

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With well-equipped professional engineers and strong technical ability, our company has been in this field for 15 years.

1. We cooperate with superior suppliers (Nord &Schneider) to ensure the quality.

2. Tests of materials are freely checked for the required quality of the equipment before packing.

3. Engineers are always available to service for machinery commissioning overseas, which is not only after sales service support, but also technology support .

4."Keep Improving, Pursuing Excellence" would be kept forever.


Our certification:




1. Wet type

 In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know the material`s situation, including the composition , size ,handling capacity and ferrous content.

2.Dry type

In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know

1.the material`s situation .including the composition , size ,handling capacity and ferrous content.

2.the material thickness transported on conveyor .

3.The width of conveyor bel

3.Which type should use for my recycling plant?

In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know follow info:

1.material`s situation .including the composition , size ,handling capacity and ferrous content 

2.the material thickness transported on conveyor belt.

3.The shape and width of the conveyor belt .


We solemnly promise a one-year warranty.

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