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  • Densen specializes in custom oem products

    The busy first quarter over, all of our factory are busy for new sample manufacture and mass production work, highly appreciated all guys hard working in Densen Group. Today I would like to share with you a new develop project for customer in USA, the process is aluminum gravity casting and mach

  • What is Silica Sol Investment Casting?

    Silica sand casting is a casting process that uses silica sand (silica solution) as a binder to make the mould. Metal castings produced by the silica sand casting process have a fine surface and high accuracy, and the general dimensional tolerance is up to CT4 - CT6. This process is RMC's main inves

  • Learn the terminology and process of extracting treasure from the fire

    What is metal casting? Metal casting is the process of making objects by pouring molten metal into an empty shape space. The metal then cools and hardens into the shape this forming die gives it. Casting is often a cheaper manufacturing method than machining a part from a solid piece of metal. Ther

  • Casting process of water glass casting

    Water glass casting is also known as water glass casting. The casting process is very similar to investment casting (i.e. lost wax investment casting). It is a shell casting technology with sodium silicate as binder. The process provides a far superior surface finish and dimensional accuracy to achi

  • Densen Group checks the quality of the products in the factory daily

    Densen Group focus on customers' needs, provide the best customized solutions,create maximum value for customers continuously.

  • Casting Process Of Plaster Mold Casting

    Plaster mold casting also referred to as rubber plaster molding (RPM) is a method of pouring liquid metal into plaster molds which will produce aluminum or zinc castings. Plaster Mold Casting works much like other castings processes where a heated liquid material is poured into a mold that contain

  • Densen Group Aluminum Die Casting

    When you’re in the process of designing an aluminum part, it is essential to consider which manufacturing process you’ll use to produce it. There are various methods for forming aluminum, and aluminum die casting is one of the most common options for designers to consider.Aluminum die casting is the

  • Silica Sol Casting

    Why Silica Sol for Investment Casting?Silica sol is a kind of milky colloid. Since the colloid grains are minute (10-20micrometer) and have relatively large surface area, so they do not affect the natural color of materials to be covered. Silica sol is mutually soluble with water , but not with orga

  • Welcome Soct to visit our trading company

    SCOT, a customer from the United States, came to NEWDENSEN to visit the factory and was very satisfied with our production plan based on their products.

  • welcome to visit our trading company and factory

    The customers that from the United States and Canada visited our company on Dec. 1st, and communicated with all employees in the company .

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