What are the ways to fix the coupling?

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What are the ways to fix the coupling?

1. Fastening bolt type: This is a traditional fixing method with low cost. However, this will directly contact the bolt with the shaft, which may cause damage to the shaft or difficulty in disassembly.

2. Clamping type: This type uses the power of countersunk head bolts to shrink the slit and tightly clamp the axis. It is easy to fix and disassemble without damage to the shaft.

3. Separation type: The separation type is characterized by a completely separated shaft sleeve, which can be fixed and disassembled without moving the device.

4. Semi-separated type: This type is a clamping type sleeve on one side, and a separation type sleeve is used on the other side. First, fix a shaft on the clamping type sleeve, and then install the shaft of the other device end on the separation type In the sleeve.

5. Keyway type: This type is the same as the fastening bolt type. It is the most traditional fixing method. It is suitable for transmission with higher torque. To prevent axial movement, it is usually used together with the fastening bolt type and clamping type.