Wet magnetic separator fault response

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Equipment failure?Obviously, to solve the problem is the primary.Experts today about the wet type magnetic separator to do a summary, the common breakdown for your magnetic separator in use process.
Inside the cylinder, magnetic block off, and the cylinder with the sound of kaka, serious when the drum skin cut, should immediately stop overhaul, prevent the magnetic block off again, when maintenance available thin copper tied magnetic pocket.
2, half counter-current type groove bottom blow pipe mouth sometimes due to calcium and jams, cause jams tube mouth ore deposit or work, this problem is suspected should stop it for checking.Sometimes blow pipe mouth is not blocked but somewhere have stuff to make it work because of work space jams, failure phenomenon is drum skin have no concentrate, magnetic separator is available at this time the pressure hose inserted by the feed, the blockage hedge.
Wet magnetic separator fault response
3, tub somewhere out of the hole grinding, such as a half counter-current type tub middle layer board or tailings leakage tube mill, undressed ore will short circuit into the tailings, the tailings grade to rise.If there is a sudden high tailings grade and high phenomenon, can doubt is tank leakage ore solutions.
4 into obstacles, magnetic separator, light person will drum skin trace, the person that weigh stuck cylinder or drum skin cut, appear this phenomenon should immediately stop remove obstacles.At ordinary times should be forbidden to bolt, nut, wire and other metal objects into magnetic separator, in order to prevent large ore pulp into magnetic separator, should be in the feed and sieve plate blocks chunk and sundry, and often clean up.
In addition, wet magnetic separator in the process of installation and use as well as some need your attention.
1, the wet permanent magnetic separator shall have full-time personnel for inspection and installation operations.
2, on the basis of equipment installed in a horizontal concrete, land bolt is fixed.
Wet magnetic separator fault response
3, when installation should pay attention to the main body of vertical and level.
4, according to the equipment power configuration of power and control switch.
5, check finished, empty load test, the test can be normal production.
Above is about the wet type magnetic separator fault to relevant content, hope to be able to help you.