The working process of the magnetic separator

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Magnetic separator should be a lot of people know, but magnetic separator few people can know the specific work of process, the following is to introduce you to introduce what are the specific work process of magnetic separator.
1. Magnetic separator before work must check each operator is normal, the radial guide with fine cotton to wipe clean and press lubricant brand oil.
2. The rocker arm and the various parts of the spindle box lock, in order to operate.
3. Magnetic separator radial rotation range can not have obstacles.
4. Open before breaking, mechanical magnetic separator, magnetic separation machine workbench, artifacts, fixture, cutting, must find a positive, tighten.
The working process of the magnetic separator
5. Magnetic separator correctly choose spindle speed, feed quantity, not to use overload.
6. Beyond the workbench for drilling, workpiece must be smooth.
7. Mechanical machine in operation and automatic feed, do not tighten change in speed, if the variable can only stay spindle, come to a complete stop.
8. Magnetic separator and measuring the workpiece loading and unloading cutters, must be in stop, no workpiece drilling directly with the hand, can not wear gloves operation.
9. Work found abnormal noise, must immediately stop check troubleshooting.
Above is magnetic separation machine working process related content, hope to be able to help you.