The use of magnetic separator

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When we use the magnetic separator we need pay attention to the problem is not just our magnetic separator, we also need to pay attention to our magnetic separator, the operation of material for material was promoted to land when we can be divided into three kinds of states, we detailed look at the below, understand the magnetic separator of grinding medium run:
 The use of magnetic separator
1. The first is xie state, this state is mainly said we ink of a state at a low speed, the material is mainly rely on medium sliding against each other a kind of state, this state is relatively slow.
2. Throw down state, this state is our magnetic separator in high-speed operation will appear only when a state, is also in accordance with our use, so the magnetic separator is usually work under the state.
3. Centrifugal state, this state of affairs for us is a state of "not work", in the course of specific use, when the cylinder speed increased to a certain limit, can appear upon the state of the medium, as centrifugal state.
 The use of magnetic separator
Everyone in the use of magnetic separator need to pay attention to the several states, in use process, we just need to know about this, we need from all aspects, to achieve development in many aspects, that is our ultimate goal, to achieve the final effect.

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