The integrity of the casting technology of titanium castings

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Due to poor casting properties of titanium, titanium melt mold casting way set is particularly important, if by the method of casting co-cr alloy, stainless steel vertical casting way, often without all casting.Titanium investment casting way has the following requirements:
The integrity of the casting technology of titanium castings
Casting diameter to coarse (not less than 4 mm) and short, guarantee the titanium liquid have enough quantity, injection casting cavity through the shortest pathways;Cast moudle and joint should be bold;The number of casting way should be 3 ~ 4 root;Can adopt parallel method, also can use the lateral thrust method;Avoid to form a right Angle.
The integrity of the casting technology of titanium castings
The mold temperature on the properties of titanium castings surface effects
Titanium fluid is polluted by the embedding material, in addition to the vacuum degree and the embedding material with fused cast made room of related components, but also related to the mold temperature.Liquid molding at high temperature, titanium is easy to react with the embedding material, Zr, Al and Si elements can easily spread to become a gap element in the titanium substrate, forming thicker hardened layer, thus increase the tensile strength, yield strength of castings, malleable fell, the brittleness increases.Including the increase of oxygen content on the mechanical properties of castings to change is most obvious.Mold temperature low hardening layer is thin.But low mold temperature will affect the casting flow rate, thus to properly select the mold temperature, sometimes the casting mold temperature should be determined according to different purposes.

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