The installation of the pneumatic ball valve pneumatic head operation technology

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A, pneumatic ball valve installations unprincipled requirements of this device, the motor should be in level state, the electric box cover in a horizontal or vertical state for the recommended installation form, it is good for soothing, debugging, maintenance and manual operation.
When installation should guarantee the space required for the maintenance inspection personnel disassembly parts
Removing debugging installation shall not damage the sealing surface, sealers and explosion-proof electric explosion-proof surface, and should be coated with anti-rust oil on the surface of the explosion.
The installation of the pneumatic ball valve pneumatic head operation technology
Second, the pneumatic ball valve pneumatic head use matters needing attention
1, shall not be in the explosive environment down electric lid charged debug electric actuator, opened the electric box cover, you must first cut off power supply.
2, window opening may not collide with hard objects.
3, shall not be in the rainy day in outdoor open electrical box cover, motor sealing parts, etc.
4, after inspection and maintenance, should be the electric box cover, motor and other sealing parts cover tightly fastened, in case of rain, moisture, corrosion caused by electrical component failure and parts.
5, installation or after reshipment, electric operation for the first time, must check valve is in middle position, direction, must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of debugging mode, item by item check for normal parts, can be put into use.
6, this device adopts three-phase motor, valve for rated continuous working hours must not exceed 10 minutes, installation and debugging must pay attention to, in case the motor overheating.
The installation of the pneumatic ball valve pneumatic head operation technology
That is on the installation of the pneumatic ball valve head operation technology, hope to be able to help to you.

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