The difference between ball valve and gate valve

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In many products, ball valve and gate valve are very commonly used valve figure number.Many users in the valve figure number when don't know how to choose ball valve and gate valve, also don't know what are the difference between ball valve and gate valve.Below small make up to introduce the difference between ball valve and gate valve for the user a better selection.
The difference between ball valve and gate valve
Gate: also called gate valve or gate, the body has a gate on vertical flow direction of medium, adjust the height of the gate, can regulate the flow of fluid.Gate valve shut down slowly in general.Generally used in the heating pipe, water supply and drainage pipeline in the main control valve.Ball valve has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, papermaking, atomic energy, aviation, rockets and other departments, as well as People's Daily life.
Gate valve has the advantage of small resistance and closed tightly, no water hammer phenomenon, widely used in all kinds of liquid and gas cut-off valve.It also has a certain regulating function, but partially open, ram vulnerable to fluid and fluid flow will cause the plate vibration, sealing surface is easy to wear.
Gate valves are the shortcomings of complex structure, the price is more expensive, difficult to repair, the seat slot zhongyi deposit solid matter and lax.
So, should not be used in fluid piping containing fibrous or solid material.Commonly used in air, steam, oil medium in the pipeline, also used as a vent valve and valve of low silk system.
Gate is one of the commonly used block valves, is mainly used to connect or truncation pipeline medium, does not apply to adjust the medium flow.Ask valve for pressure, temperature and diameter range is very large, especially suitable for medium and large diameter pipeline.
The difference between ball valve and gate valve
Ball valve: with a hole at the centre of the sphere valve core, rotating sphere valve open and close.Ball valves used in oil refining, long pipeline, chemical industry, paper making, pharmacy, water conservancy, electric power, municipal, iron and steel industry, etc.
Ball valve has simple structure, ball valve and globe valve compared with light weight, the structure is simple, and its overall weight is very light, so it can play a good effect in low temperature medium system;Sealing surface processing, sealing, convenient operation, quick, switch startup and shutdown time is very short, able to make the test system for rapid optimization, and in the process of startup and shutdown of the valve, will not impact.
But can not be used to adjust flow, suitable for high voltage (up to 320 tables) pressure pipes, at present, limited by sealing material, can only be used under 200 ℃, can also be used for suspension and large variety of medium viscosity.And it's regulation performance relative to the globe valve is less, especially the pneumatic valve (or electric valve).
The difference between ball valve and gate valve
Above to introduce about the difference between ball valve and gate valve is here now, I believe you after looking at the above articles for ball valve and gate valve has a cognitive about it.

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