Stainless steel stamping elbow welding operation precautions which

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Today Xiaobian summarize some time stainless steel stamping elbow during the welding operation should be noted that:
1, corrosion (oxidizing acids, organic acids, cavitation), heat-resistant and wear-resistant chromium stainless steel stamping elbow function is having. Whenever used in power plants, chemical, oil and other settings with the layout of the material. Chromium stainless steel stamping elbow has poor welding characteristics, should be drawn up welding process, to select a suitable electrode Before heat treatment.
Stainless steel stamping elbow
2, chrome-nickel stainless steel stamping elbow with a delicate erosion resistance and oxidation resistance, widely used in chemical, fertilizer, petroleum, medical machinery.
Soldering Precautions
3, 13 chromium stainless steel stamping elbow after welding sclerosing not very good, easy to attack cracks. If the reception with typical chromium stainless steel stamping elbow electrode welding, preheating at 300 degrees Celsius and 700 degrees Celsius welding slow cooling dominated disposal must be carried out. If the post-weld heat treatment can not be performed, chrome-nickel stainless steel stamping elbow is the ideal choice.
Stainless steel stamping elbow
4, during welding of chromium-nickel stainless steel stamping elbow, was repeatedly separated carbide heating, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties are reduced.
Soldering Precautions
5, there is titanium calcium type and low hydrogen type chrome-nickel stainless steel stamping elbow coating. When available titanium calcium type AC-DC, but shallower penetration in communicating welding together easy to redness, so do schematic stainless steel stamping elbow receives a DC power supply.
Stainless steel stamping elbow
6, in order to prevent the onset of stamping elbow eye due to heating between erosion, to have a normal welding current is reduced by 20% relative to disposable carbon steel electrode, the arc should not be too fast cooling between the layers to narrow weld appropriate.
Soldering Precautions
These are the considerations for everyone summary of stainless steel stamping elbow welding operations, hoping to help to you.

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