Stainless steel processing and welding points

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Welding repair difficult than steel structure welding machine parts, because welding repair parts not only to ensure the strength, stiffness requirements, and to ensure that the overall size, shape accuracy and workability requirements after repair.Welding repair of large, complex parts, according to the parts of wear and tear, damage, make welding repairing process, and strictly implemented.
 Stainless steel processing and welding points
The general case, stainless steel processing and welding repair process should pay attention to the following three points:
1) welding preparation, welding preparation work in addition to the equipment ready, mainly the preparation of welding groove and welding preheating.
2) the tack welding, welding in butt joint of shaft parts or some parts of local has broken away from the overall, should guarantee the accuracy of the need to welding parts of the docking position, in case of large deformation in welding.Therefore, we should locate weld first: with a diameter of less than of welding spot welding electrode, and then again to correct position, in several symmetric point, spot welding position.
3) heat treatment after welding, in order to eliminate the residual stress of the weld and reduce welding cracks, must carry out heat treatment after welding.
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