Stainless steel mirror plate welding points for attention

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Stainless steel mirror plate welding points for attention

Stainless steel mirror and said mirror plate, and the use of grinding fluid through polishing equipment on stainless steel surface polishing, makes the plate surface luminosity as clear as a mirror.USES: mainly used in building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration decoration, facilities and other stainless steel products.Stainless steel mirror board where a lot of need to pay attention to while welding.
Stainless steel mirror in the welding process often need to pay attention to the following common problems:
First of all, because when installed to prevent the size of the temporary change or calculation error and shorter, often used by the mirror stainless steel plate will be larger in size;This can lead to at the time of its welding, the weld width, length, plank centerline deviation in the actual thickness on a microscopic level;This requires time to control the parts of the welding position size.So to ensure that all components are accurately blanking length and allowed error is 1 mm, and also to check before the next material components stainless steel mirror is straight.If the rough, the need to flatten.
Stainless steel mirror plate welding points for attention
Secondly, welding time will often appear crack, in order to prevent the happening of this kind of situation, need to grasp what welding procedure parameters and procedure, try not to use high current or stalling, avoid to cause "welding scar";And weld joint also need to plug in 10 ~ 15 mm, the welding process can't tap and move the stainless steel mirror plate, in order to avoid the emergence of a new crack.When welding stainless steel mirror component must be placed location, solder joint is strong and full.Pay particular attention to the welding on the surface of the weld wave should be uniform, can not have crack, scum, flash, burn through, bruises, arc arc pit and needle defects such as porosity, otherwise prone to weld fracture and affect beautiful sex.
Finally, because the stainless steel mirror surface after grinding, after the removal of oxide skin surface, the surface will have "the eye of a needle or porosity", prior to welding the needle or the most stomatal scrub clean, and need to be in the process of welding by adjusting the electric current to reduce the size of the welding speed, to ensure the uniformity of welding;In this way can effectively avoid the phenomenon of "empty welding.And mirror plate after completion of the welding assembly, still need to use artificial machine put the plate on the surface of the grinding and polishing, it makes a smooth bright appearance.

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