Shaft coupling development trend analysis

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Shaft couplings are increasingly used in precision machines controlled by servo systems such as machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing machinery. In these fields, unlike general manufacturing machinery, the coupling must require that its output has a high followability relative to the input.

Especially when used on work machines that require high frequency forward and reverse rotation, high-precision positioning, and high-speed rotation of more than 20,000 r/min, the coupling must have high rigidity and high elasticity that can withstand repeated torsional loads. Ability to limit fatigue to adapt to high-speed operation.

Therefore, the coupling must have the characteristics of high torque rigidity, zero slewing clearance, elastomer compensation for the radial, axial, angular deviation, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics of the two shafts produced by the manufacturing machine during transmission .

In the past, people only considered the coupling as a mechanical component. However, with the diversification of the use of the mechanical device using the coupling itself, in order to achieve higher performance, the familiarity of the coupling has been changed from a simple mechanical components are transformed into important mechanical elements that can control the function of the entire mechanical system.

Therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult to satisfy the requirements of users by relying solely on the product development of coupling manufacturers. Now, it has become a trend for users and manufacturers to work together to jointly develop couplings that meet the requirements of mechanical systems.

With the rapid development of automobile, construction machinery and other related fields, the technical requirements for the material, performance and strength of the supporting coupling have risen to a new level

At present, the development trend of the shaft coupling mainly has the following aspects

First of all, the power transmission coupling device is developing along the direction of miniaturization, high speed and standardization, so the application of special couplings, the development of planetary coupling devices, the development of low vibration and low noise coupling devices have become Some characteristics of coupling design;

Second, due to the large-scale development of mechanical equipment, the working parameters of the coupling have been improved, such as the transmission power of the high-speed coupling is 1000-30000kw;

Third, due to the wide application of hard-toothed couplings and the increasing number of couplings that require high speed and high performance, gear grinding is required to improve efficiency and quality; in addition, about coupling materials and heat treatment With the development of self-facing couplings, it has gradually attracted people's attention.

In addition, the fatigue life and noise indicators of the coupling are mainly related to the material and heat treatment level, so the supply risk of raw materials should also be of concern. On the one hand, although the Chinese coupling steel market is stable, the price shows an upward trend. On the other hand, the development trend of international coupling steel: 1. Low alloy steel containing Cr, Ni, Mo; 2. Boron steel; 3. Carbonitriding steel; 4. Free cutting steel. However, the number of special steel companies that can provide high-quality coupling steel in China is relatively small, and it is expected that the competition for resources among enterprises will become more intense in the future.

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