Resistance welding technology to save in the advantages and disadvantages

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Resistance welding has the following advantages:
1) melt nuclear formed, always surrounded by a plastic ring, molten metal from the air, metallurgical process is simple.
2) short heating time, heat concentration, so the heat affected zone is small, the deformation and stress are also small, usually don't have to arrange correction after welding and heat treatment process.
Resistance welding technology to save in the advantages and disadvantages
3) don't need welding wire, welding rod, such as the filler metal, and oxygen, acetylene, argon welding materials, welding of low cost.
4) simple operation, easy to realize mechanization and automation, improve the working conditions.
5) high productivity, and no noise and harmful gas, in mass production, can make up to the assembly line with other manufacturing process.But flash butt welding with spark splash, need isolation.
Resistance welding technology to save in the advantages and disadvantages
Resistance welding faults:
1) there is a lack of reliable nondestructive testing method, welding quality only by destructive test of the specimen and artifacts to inspection process, and guaranteed by all kinds of monitoring technology.
2) point, seam welding of lap joints not only increase the weight of the component, and the Angle formed by the fusion between the two plate pit, tensile strength and fatigue strength of the joint is low.
Resistance welding technology to save in the advantages and disadvantages
3) equipment big power, high mechanization degree of automation, the equipment cost is higher, maintenance is more difficult, and the commonly used high power single-phase ac welding machine is not conducive to the normal operation of the power grid.Wear-resistant electrode as the aerospace, electronics, automobile, household electrical appliances industry the development of resistance welding is brought to the attention of the society, at the same time, the quality of resistance welding is also put forward higher requirements.The good news is that the development of microelectronics technology in China and the development of the high power thyristor, rectifier for resistance welding technology of improving conditions.At present our country has made the good performance of secondary rectifier welding machine.Made of integrated components and microcomputer control box has been used to form a complete set of new welding machine and alterations of old welder.Constant current and dynamic resistance, thermal expansion and other advanced closed-loop control technology has begun to popularization and application in production.All this will help to improve the quality of resistance welding, and enlarge its application area.
The above is the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of resistance welding technology, hope to be able to help to you.

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