Precision forging technology of auto parts

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Precision forging technology with high efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption, the advantages of high quality, get more and more widely used in auto parts production.According to the deformation of the metal plastic forming temperature is different, the precision cold forging forming can be divided into cold forging forming, forming temperature, hot forging, hot forging forming, etc.Concrete is:
Precision forging technology of auto parts
1, the cold forging forming
General forming at room temperature, cold forging forgings with high mechanical properties, good surface quality and dimension precision higher advantages, but cold forging deformation resistance is big, the low plasticity, illiquid materials, especially high mechanical strength, is sensitive to cold work hardening material forming difficulties.
Has been widely used abroad cold precision forging technology production of low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and low alloy steel parts, by a few grams of weight to more than ten kilograms.Japan and Germany on a car use cold forging amounting to more than 50 kg per vehicle in our country at present about 30 kg of cold forging.The production of auto parts mainly include: auto clutch engaging gear ring, auto transmission input shaft parts.
2, warm forging forming
Warm forging forming (200-850 ℃) has the advantages of cold forging forming and hot forging forming.Warm forging fully inherited the cold forging forming high production efficiency, saving raw materials, improve product quality and other advantages, and lower than the cold forging forming resistance and good formability.At the same time, forming temperature to avoid the hot forging forming large energy consumption, easy to cause overheating, burnt, oxidation and decarburization, machining allowance, product quality is not high faults.
At present, the warm forging forming technology is widely applied in high work hardening is serious, the deformation resistance during cold deformation, the worse performance of cold deformation of stainless steel, high carbon high alloy steel, bearing steel, tool steel and other materials.In the production of cars with the bearing ring, etc.
Precision forging technology of auto parts
3, the hot forging forming
The hot forming steel (850-1000 ℃) in the build-up to below its recrystallization temperature, can avoid the heating at high temperature coarse grains, oxidation, defects such as decarburization, overheating, burnt.The process to reduce the forming force, make the internal organization are refined, improve product accuracy, especially to control the deformation temperature, deformation extent and deformation velocity and cooling velocity and the deformation after heat treatment such as geometry, not only reduces the working procedure and energy consumption, but also change the comprehensive mechanical properties of the product.
The hot forging used in the production of automotive patterned constant speed universal joint sliding sleeve series products.
Precision forging technology of auto parts
4, hot forging forming
Hot precision forging process is blank is heated to a proper metal recrystallization temperature of hot forging temperature range for forging, high heating temperature, the deformation resistance is small, the material plasticity and good liquidity, forming is relatively easy, the required equipment tonnage is small.
Hot fine forging generally used in the production of automobile differential gear, automobile front axle, etc.