Precision forging forming technology type and application

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Precision forging forming technology, also known as the shape or near net shaping technology refers to the parts after forming, need only a small amount of processing or not processing, can be used as the forming technology of mechanical components.In production practice, people used to place the precision forging forming technology is divided into: cold precision forging forming, hot forging forming, warm precision forging forming, the compound forming, block forging, the isothermal forging, forging, etc.
Precision forging forming technology type and application
1, the cold precision forging forming
Will not be heated directly for forging metal materials, mainly including cold heading and cold extrusion piled.
Cold precision forging forming technology is suitable for many varieties and small batch production, mainly used in the manufacture of automobile, motorcycle parts and some parts of tooth profile.
2, hot forging forming
Mainly refers to the above the recrystallization temperature of precision forging forming technology.Hot forging forming process is mostly adopts closed die forging, precision of mould and equipment demand is higher, when forging billet volume must be strictly controlled, otherwise the mould caused by internal high pressure, so in the design of closed die forging die, usually use shunt step-down principle to solve this problem.
At present, China's truck used in straight tooth bevel gear is mostly produced by this method.
Precision forging forming technology type and application
3, warm precision forging
Is in a suitable temperature below its recrystallization temperature of precision forging forming technology.But the warm forging forging temperature is divided into a narrow, high requirements for mold material mechanics and mold itself, usually requires special high precision forging equipment.
Warm precision forging process is generally suitable for mass production, the forging of medium material yield strength.
4, composite forming
Mainly is to cold, warm and hot forging process, complement each other, to achieve the desired effect.
Compound forming is all kinds of gear, pipe joint components for high strength standard forging method.
Precision forging forming technology type and application
5, block forging
Is in the closed die through one or two punch one-way or two-way double acting extrusion metal forming, a gain without flash fine forging forming process.
Mainly for the production of bevel gears, star car patterned constant speed universal joint, pipe joint, cross shaft, bevel gear, and other products.
6, isothermal forging
Refers to the forging blank in tends to a constant temperatures.
Used for deformation temperature sensitive, difficult forming metal materials and parts, such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, thin, high web reinforcement.
7, shunt forging
Established in blank or forming part of the mould is a material diversion cavity or distributary channels, to ensure that the material filling effect.
Shunt forging is mainly used in the forming process of cold forging of spur gear and helical gear.