Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator of how to reduce the maintenance costs

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Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator which is also called magnetic pulley or dry bulk magnetic separation machine.Its strong internal adopts high performance magnetic materials composite magnetic department, has a high magnetic field intensity, deep, simple structure, convenient use, do not need to repair, don't consume electricity, perennial use demagnetization, etc.Can be used in cement, mining, steel, chemical, refractory material, waste treatment and other industries of iron.And DT - 75 type, the AD - 80 type general fixed belt conveyor used in place of driving wheel, can also be used to form a complete set of special belt conveyor.
 Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator of how to reduce the maintenance costs
With the increase of permanent magnet drum use fixed number of year, also gradually increased, the degree of aging parts operation gradually wear for a long time, need regular maintenance, maintenance.
First, you need to comply with the relevant regulations and strictly in accordance with the instructions for repair and maintenance.
Second, must wear can meet the spare parts for normal operation of product quality, timely replacement, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
And, after the use of permanent magnet drum to develop clean from on time, ensure the clean and tidy, every year transfer the lubricating oil, and swaps have wear oil seal.
 Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator of how to reduce the maintenance costs
The four advantages of permanent magnet drum
A, the international advanced design concept design and become, in consideration of the practical value of the products at the same time will be the permanent magnet drum shape optimization design, and reasonable structure.
Second, the permanent magnet roller wrapped with double drum skin, on the premise of guarantee the magnetic better protect the internal structure, effectively save the cost of maintenance of permanent magnetic drum, can guarantee the machine running all the year round, even if only need to change the outside cylinder.
Three, permanent magnet drum iron recovery rate is high, the capacity is big, can handle 300 cubic per hour, the iron recovery can be as high as 90% above.
Four, internal magnetic system USES ndfeb permanent magnet drum materials, such as difficult demagnetization, used for many years the effect is very good still, magnetic system stability and separation effect is good.
 Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator of how to reduce the maintenance costs
That is about how to decrease the cost of permanent magnet drum magnetic separator maintenance related introduction, hope can help to you.

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