Order principle of double eccentric hardness sealing ball valves

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Traditional ball valve with sphere and valve seat sealing surface contact all the time, it is easy to cause the sphere and valve seat sealing surface when opening and closing process of wear and tear, resulting in leakage valve.To overcome this defect, will double eccentric butterfly valve design concept into the design of the ball valve, developed a new type of double eccentric fixed ball valve ball valve structure, single seat.
Double eccentric hardness sealing ball valve working principle:
Hard seal ball valve, manual cast steel hard seal ball valve body surface using the advanced coating technology, through to the various conditions of processing, the highest hardness can reach HRC78.The processing of valve seat sealing surface, the highest hardness can reach HRC72.Sphere and valve seat match grinding ball valve the sealing surface of all sealing area after precision grinding.Suitable for high temperature and high pressure water, steam, oil, coal, fiber, viscous and corrosive medium, and the medium with particles.
Order principle of double eccentric hardness sealing ball valves
Due to the effect of the spring load auxiliary seal, seal between the valve body and valve seat. Spring load enough to provide the seat between the sphere and reliable seal, under the condition of low pressure, can design between the valve seat sealing surface and sphere with sealing grease injection system. 
Double eccentric hardness sealing ball valve structure adopts eccentric principle through the drive mechanism to lock tight tight, adjusting, closing, the purpose of sealing pair is surface contact seal ring hardfacing metal, double eccentric structure in the open when the valve core is located in the ball room, large flow area, and the valve is not washed, closing valve core is not washed, open the valve core sphere along the seat, effectively remove fouling obstacles, to achieve reliable seal.
Hemisphere with double metal valve, of different surfacing on the parent metal alloy, the seat also correspondingly surfacing through special processing, sealing surface combination into various types such as corrosion, wear resistance, high strength, meet the demand of different occasions.And seal tightly, transmission harmful gases can reach zero leakage.
Good properties and structural characteristics, make double partial hardness sealing ball valves in the valve industry market share is more and more big, in the coming years, similar to the ball valve of the new type valve will be more and more, in the future developing of market economy is bound to play a good role in promoting.