New Densen moved to New office

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New Densen moved to New office



On June 18, Since the establishment of New Densen, 

the business has continued to expand 

and the team has continued to grow.

In its eleventh year, 

we moved to a more modern and automated office.




Shenyang Tiexi CBD Financial District

5A office building

Modern and stylish office environment

300 trillion smooth network

Fully automated meeting facility

Modern design lounge area


This modern office was carefully selected by Echo 

and comprehensive dept  for three months.

Thanks to the company for creating

 such a comfortable office for everyone.



At the housewarming ceremony, 

we invited five partners who joined the company

 in different periods to express their feelings.

Every member is grateful 

whenever they join the company.

Many thanks for the company to create a platform

 for us to realize our dreams.


The mission and values is the direction of all partners

Always remember it wherever and whenever 



New Densen has always paid attention to 

sharing and communication, 
which fully reflects our values. 
 Thanks to TOP company's Li Qian, Wang Jiao
and our manager of the Ningbo office, Xia Yunan, 
for sharing their own experience.


The partner company sent their congratulations 

and beautiful flowers, 

as if we were in the sea of flowers, 

all the partners took a group photo

 to commemorate the day.


In the new office environment, 

New Densen is united and moving forward

2019, move on! Come on!

New Densen also has agreat vision which is to be recognized and respected 

around the world as a World Class Industrial Solutions Provider.