Mechanical processing lean ten points

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Mechanical processing industry as a child of the industrial machinery industry, also is one of basic industries, the stand or fall of its management level, directly affect the overall mechanical industry competition ability of our country.More than 30 years of reform and opening-up has been in the past, extensive economy is bound to lean transformation, not we want to turn, but we have to make.Now, simply summed up in the machining industry, the implementation of lean production profile at ten o 'clock.
Mechanical processing lean ten points
1. Environment must understand thoroughly and bright
Many people visit to machining industry company, the impression is generally not very good, the feeling is full of noise, pollution, garbage, dust, smoke, dimly lit...In which, not to mention the daily staff?80 years ago in the west hawthorne Mayo experiments would tell us the importance of the environment on site management, environment has strong implications for the person's psychology effect, psychology has a direct impact on people's behavior.If you want to clean the heart, first of the land.
2. The factory and workshop layout is reasonable
Many factories belong to gradually, the development of equipment and facility is also gradually add, lack of unified planning, the "patch", "accounted for" phenomenon is serious, lead to workshop and plant layout disorder, put back the clock, the phenomenon of turbulence not only influence the logistics efficiency, management efficiency, but also produced many quality risks.So regularly to review layout, optimization is an integral part of work.
3. Goods fixation quantitative calibration management
Commonly known as "armed" management, avoid the "hide-and-seek" game, machining industry, product variety, the goods are to be put, time is long, the scene and many more "ghosts", "orphans sacrifice" neglected, even could not tell the difference between the technician, ugly, play, and bases.
Mechanical processing lean ten points
4. Cutting tool measuring tool fixture management orderly
Kill the goose that how to use the wheel?
Yes, a lot of machine processing plants are widespread phenomena on the wheel, the because of "dao" is really too much, tube he chicken knife or, they can kill!In today's technical accuracy requirements fault-finding, used the wrong knife may be about to the enterprise's life.Chinese idea of "old lady" performed very well in machining industry, reluctant to discard anything, will appear very "live".The old lady foot-binding, enterprise can't stuck in the past.
5. Fit technology file management
Technical department with the process file is E version, the scene is in use D version operation, purchasing in C version of purchasing materials, cutting tools are made according to requirements of the B version, the quality in the check in with A...Everything is messed up, technology file management and change is a very serious matter, and in some machine factory is a joke, source, everything mess!
6. At the end of the first inspection checking full-on
At the end of the first check the trouble, checking through the motions, check does not reach the designated position...Machining industry three inspection are mostly so, self-inspection, mutual inspection also expect employees?In terms of lean, inspection is a waste, but in the process of enterprise lean transformation, strict inspection is to reduce the quality risk, management risk and business risk of the best means, for each product, develop detailed quality control plan.
7.The material control system. Seven effective collaboration
Many machine processing plants generally adopts the traditional sales production command, "or" production "command mode, the lack of an independent project material control system, lead to the entire operating system out of control, either overweight or weightlessness, lack of effective constraints between production and marketing is the biggest waste of operating system.Make the best use of mature ERP + SFC system, to a great extent, can solve plan material control system and site construction schedule management, material management, data management issues.
Mechanical processing lean ten points
8. Veto vote tally lubrication management equipment
Double machining industry belongs to the equipment and labor intensive industry, good equipment is the basic guarantee of production operation, and the general machine processing plant professional equipment management strength is weak, the weak consciousness of personnel equipment maintenance, lead to equipment, overpressure, overspeed and overtemperature phenomenon frequently overloads, leading to equipment failure, the quality abnormal, casualties phenomenon occurs frequently.To this, the factory can import "equipment" love activity, at the same time adopt equipment safeguard for one ticket is overruled make, put equipment security and employee performance salary and promotion is closely linked.
9. The bottleneck process management and process modification
Machining industry is characteristic of discrete type production, coupled with the diversity of the phases of enterprise development, product characteristics, production capacity of each process is hard to balance.Under nonequilibrium conditions, the management of the bottleneck process is particularly important, as is included in the daily management of the focus on the object, continuously technology innovation at the same time, reduce the number of the bottleneck process and constraints.
Mechanical processing lean ten points
10. The establishment of a continuous improvement culture in the boot
"The university way, mingde, in people, in goodness", the ancients tell us human life is a process of constantly improve, production operations, too, machining industry as a traditional industry, improve the space also is very big, the company should import the appropriate mechanisms and tools (such as PDCA, QC story, DMAIC), the improvement of the guide and establish such culture, product streams into jianghai, yongxing that thousands of miles.
At ten to do well, of course, lean production, the above is still not enough, lean manufacturing is the enterprise operation, a part of lean strategy, culture, and leave the system collaboration, leave the strategic support, leave culture, lean production can bring the change of the enterprise is limited, and this also tend to be limited results because the system of short board, the inertia of negligence, cultural strategy and organizational inertia.
Above is about mechanical processing ten points of the lean production, hope to be able to help you.Above is about machining ten points of the lean production, hope to be able to help you.

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