Maintenance method of stainless steel ball valve

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Stainless steel ball valve is a commonly used valve instrument, mainly used to cut, distribution and change the direction of the flow of media, with a simple structure, small size, light weight, small fluid resistance, convenient maintenance and so on. Stainless steel ball valve in the use of the need for a certain maintenance, you can ensure the normal operation of the stainless steel ball valve. So how to maintain the stainless steel ball valve, today's small make up to introduce the stainless steel ball valve maintenance method.
Maintenance method of stainless steel ball valve
Maintenance method of stainless steel ball valve:
First: after the rough finished product, after pickling, must be washed clean, if there is sand hole or perforation, should use the argon arc welding to the gas protection welding. And then polished, and then solid fusion processing;
Second: finished products, processing pressure after the completion of. Should be washed with water to join the anti rust powder.
Third: in the transport process as far as possible the use of wooden packaging, do not contact metal products.
Fourth: after the installation of pipelines, regular maintenance and maintenance, such as the valve stem is often coated with oil. Proper opening and closing valve several times. Make the ball, stem, sealing surface is not easy to assimilate.
Maintenance method of stainless steel ball valve
Stainless steel ball valve generally has two kinds of structures, reducing and non reducing diameter. Regardless of the structure, the ball valve flow resistance coefficient is relatively small.
In particular, the so-called full flow type, that is indented diameter ball valve, due to its channel diameter equal to pipe diameter, the local resistance loss only equivalent length of pipe friction resistance, that is, in all valves, this valve minimum flow resistance. In the rocket launch and test system, the resistance of the pipeline is required to be smaller.
Piping system, reduce the resistance in two ways: one is to reduce the flow rate. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the diameter and the valve diameter, which piping system for economy tend to produce adverse effects, especially on the low temperature transport system (liquid hydrogen) is extremely unfavorable.
(1)To reduce the local resistance of the valve, therefore, the natural has become the best choice.
(2)The opening and closing of the ball valve is rapid and convenient.
Just because the ball valve handle rotates 90 degrees in general is complete open and close action, it is easy to achieve rapid opening and closing. Can achieve rapid opening and closing, the opening and closing time of some structures is only 0.05 ~ 0.1s, in order to ensure that the automation system can be used in the test bed. Rapid opening and closing valves, the operation of no impact.
Maintenance method of stainless steel ball valve
(3)The sealing performance of the ball valve is good.
The vast majority of the valve seat is made of PTFE and other flexible materials, metal and non-metallic materials consisting of a seal, usually known as soft seal. Generally speaking, the soft sealing is easy to be guaranteed, and the processing precision and surface roughness of the sealing surface is not very high.
(4)Ball valve service life is long.
Due to the good self lubrication, the friction and wear of the ball is small, and the ball processing technology is improved, so that the roughness is reduced, thereby increasing the service life of the ball valve.
Maintenance method of stainless steel ball valve
The above is about the maintenance of stainless steel ball valve some summary, hope to help to everyone.

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