Magnetic separator workflow

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Magnetic separator is increasingly applied to all walks of life work, then the magnetic separator workflow is what you know?
1. inspection departments operating mechanism is normal in the use of magnetic separator money should and must do, according to the rocker rail lubricant grades oiling and wipe clean with a fine cotton yarn.
Magnetic separator workflow
2. rocker arm and spindle box ministries locking arm and spindle box ministries, in order to operate.
3. Do not place objects within the magnetic separator arm swing range.
4. Before crushing machinery started working, magnetic separator part of the table, the workpiece, fixture, cutting tools, etc., must find a positive fastening.
Magnetic separator workflow
5. The magnetic separator spindle speed, feed rate must choose the right shall not be overloaded use.
6. If you exceed drilling table, the workpiece must be stable.
7. When the normal operation of the machine and feed, fastening change speed must not be done, only the spindle is completely stopped, the order for shifting.
Magnetic separator workflow
8. Magnetic separator cutting tool and the workpiece measuring machine is only completely stopped before they can carry out loading and unloading, the direct use of holding a workpiece drilling shall not wear gloves firmly not allowed.
9. If abnormal noise occurs at work, immediately stop check troubleshooting must be done.
These are the magnetic separator workflow, hoping to help you make better use of the machine!