Magnetic separator six common faults and the analysis of the measures

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Magnetic separator and flotation machine is the most common mineral beneficiation production line machine, its importance is not to look down upon, so failure, should be timely solve, in the process of its use, can appear what common fault, when we meet again should how to solve it, let's discuss the question:
1, when you are using iron slag in magnetic separator into obstacles, light person trace the drum peel, the person that weigh stuck cylinder or drum skin cut, when appear this phenomenon should immediately stop you remove obstacles.Iron slag magnetic separator at ordinary times should be forbidden to use manufacturer bolt, nut, wire and other metal objects into magnetic separator.
2, when you are using magnetic separator tube in the magnetic iron slag block off, the cylinder with the sound of kaka, serious when the drum skin cut, should immediately stop overhaul at this time.Prevent the magnetic block off again, you can use thin copper at the time of repair will live magnetic system.
 Magnetic separator six common faults and the analysis of the measures
3, are using half counter-current type groove bottom blow pipe mouth sometimes due to calcium and jams, cause nozzle blockage in ore deposit or work, this problem is suspected should stop it for checking.Sometimes blow pipe mouth is not blocked, but somewhere have stuff to make it work because of work space jams, failure phenomenon is drum skin have no concentration, available at high pressure water rushs blockages.
 Magnetic separator six common faults and the analysis of the measures
4, you are using the iron slag grinding magnetic separator tub somewhere out of the hole, such as a half counter-current type tub middle layer board or tailings leakage tube mill, undressed ore will short circuit into the tailings, the tailings grade to rise.If there is a sudden high tailings grade and high phenomenon, can doubt is tank leakage ore solutions.
 Magnetic separator six common faults and the analysis of the measures
5, if your iron slag magnetic separator has been used for many years, in the case of run of mine ore properties unchanged, found tailings grade gradually rise, perhaps because is magnetic performance degradation, magnetic field intensity is reduced.Magnetic separator for iron slag field intensity measuring, if the magnetic field strength reduce too much should be done when the magnetization.
6, if the magnetic separator is iron slag mechanical failures, such as gear wear, screw loosening and dislocation, motor fault, etc., should be timely found timely maintenance.

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