Magnetic separator into the water

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Magnetic separator into the water

Magnetic separator is one of the important factors affecting the service life of magnetic separator, the water caused by loose it may be because the operator check, may also is a problem of repair quality, so how to prevent and reduce the phenomenon of magnetic separator into the water?
Dry magnetic separation machine as the main ore dressing industry equipment, so often magnetic separation machine fault, should attract the attention of people.For example: in the operation of the dry magnetic separation machine appear strange, dry magnetic separation mechanical and electrical machine fever the cause and the solution, how protective magnetic separator magnetic drum drum skin and so on.By the strong magnetic separator customer service reflect, recently used magnetic separation machine product users, always encounter the phenomenon of magnetic separator into the water.
Magnetic separator into the water
1,to set up a strict system of succession.Due to unclear responsibility in production and maintenance there is the phenomenon of neglect.So in succession must carefully check whether there is water inside the magnetic separator (generally not easy to observe need a flashlight).If there is water, then wipe with a cloth.If it is to enter the pulp could be the first reason, it is the responsibility of the production, so that you can rely on improving operator's responsibility to strengthen the maintenance.
2, magnetic separator, belt driving off.First stop the chrome ore and closed gate again for processing, so that you can avoid choose box of the water level rise, and cause the phenomenon of water.
3, frequently check the belt clip, found to be bad, pre-made repair work, cut off the belt.
Magnetic separator into the water
4, want to often listen to the cylinder in production there is no sound check carefully (especially after the start again), if found, must be a single stop check to overcome obstacles.
5, pulp before into the magnetic separator, should first through a sieve to remove impurities.
6, improve the quality of maintenance, the end cover infiltration water.
7, prevent the dry magnetic separation machine in the case of overload operation, to avoid excessive capacity is caused by a belt and jams.
That is about how to solve the problem of magnetic separator water related introduction, hope can help to you.

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