Laser welding mold repair

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Laser welding technology have long, at the time of application is mainly western countries used to weld the precision components of nuclear weapons.The technology used in precision mold repair only six or seven years, but the development is very fast.
Laser welding mold has a highly centralized energy, low fever, after welding of the workpiece will not produce the phenomenon of thermal strain and subsidence, all can effectively repair cracks, collapse and worn sealing edge.
Laser welding mold repair
Today there are mainly four series of products:
1. The LRS open series, suitable for welding all kinds of small and medium-sized precision mould, take the workbench;
2. HTS open series, belt gantry mobile mechanism, suitable for welding of various large mould;
3. The MLS open series, as the joint type welding mechanism, especially suitable for welding of oversize mould, such as automobile, motorcycle, etc.;
4. Lasercab enclosed series with nc workbench, four axis linkage, suitable for welding of precision mould, such as mobile phones, digital cameras.
That is about laser welding mold repair method of related introduction, hope can help to you.