• The use characteristic of high pressure pneumatic ball valve

    The use characteristic of high pressure pneumatic ball valve1, fluid resistance small, pneumatic ball valves are classified all valves fluid resistance in the smallest one, even the pneumatic ball valve, reducing the fluid resistance is small.   2, thrust bearings reduce stem friction torque, can ma

  • The general requirements of welding procedure qualification

    (1) welding procedure qualification should be based on reliable steel welding performance, and up until completion of the works.Welding parameters used in the welding procedure qualification, in principle is according to the weldability of the steel welding test result to determine, especially after

  • Adhering sand phenomenon and adhering sand casting cause analysis

    In the use of foundry casting or coated sand casting casting process, if the casting operation not skilled, there may appear the phenomenon of adhering sand castings, once appear this kind of circumstance, light person affect the appearance of the casting quality, the most serious casting scrap dire

  • How the magnetic field strength measurement of magnetic separation equipment

    Measurement of magnetic field intensity meter have tesla meter (previously called gauss meter) and fluxmeter.Tesla meter using the method is simple, high measurement precision, is currently the most widely used instrument measuring magnetic field intensity, so this paper mainly introduces using the

  • Solenoid valve, regulating valve, drive installation points

    Electromagnetic valve, regulating valve, drive installed what's the point?(1) the electromagnetic valve installation points:Solenoid valves shall be stipulated in the instruction manual before installation check the resistance between the coil and the body, should be simulated test.The calibre of th

  • Martensite stainless steel welding technology

    In order to avoid cold crack and improve the mechanical properties of welded joint, heat and welding after preheating, high temperature should be taken round the fire.(1) preheating before weldingWelding of martensitic stainless steel, especially in use with parent metal components of welding materi

  • Aluminum alloy wheel hub forging production process

    Forging is one of the forming process of aluminum wheel application earlier.Forging aluminum wheel with high strength, good resistance to corrosion, and the advantages of small size precision, processing capacity, in general, its weight is equivalent to the same size steel wheel only 1/2 or more low

  • Casting method four key points to be met

    Casting belongs to a kind of molten metal mold molding technology, its our common casting methods are: sand casting;There are some special casting method, for example: metal mold casting, investment casting, plaster mold casting, etc.The foundry method must meet the following four points.1, the prio

  • How to prepare magnetic separator roller maintenance

    Magnetic separation pause if owners through the rare metal drum powerful magnetic filtered from the ores, as the most prone to wear and tear parts, magnetic separator drum drum surface as a result of the work has been in the process of mineral powder scour, wear is quite serious.When magnetic separa

  • The basic characteristics of two type ball valve

    Two type ball valve, is widely used in medium temperature of 425 ℃ or less, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical industry, water supply and drainage, and municipal construction and other industrial pipelines, used to adjust flow cutoff and body.Material is divided into: cast iron, cast steel, s

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