Hematite magnetic separator drive for parsing

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Hematite magnetic separator reducer has two types of similar structure, the transmission way looks compact structure, the structure is novel, the use of the reducer is advanced, but in fact use effect and economy are not ideal.
Hematite magnetic separator drive for parsing
1, hematite magnetic separator (or cycloidal reducer must be 45 ° ~ 50 ° inclined to decorate, the upper bearing for lack of lubrication, easy fever, accelerated wear and tear, vibration, so often burn out bearing, tend to cause downtime; lower input shaft due to poor dynamic sealing effect, install the seal, seal can fail after a period of running, leakage phenomenon, a large amount of waste lubricating oil, the scene of the pollution of the environment. Job requirements often add lubricating oil at the same time, increased maintenance workload and labor intensity.
Hematite magnetic separator drive for parsing
2, hematite magnetic separator technology difficulty, general small and medium-sized cement plant maintenance workers is very difficult, even able to cope with maintenance, often due to the maintenance quality and precision is difficult to ensure long-term operation;Poor and spare parts supply, manufacture installation quality difficult to guarantee.
3, hematite with magnetic separator the deceleration than ordinary type ZQ reducer gear speed reducer, hydraulic coupler after the price is higher.
Hematite magnetic separator drive for parsing
4, it is generally believed that hydraulic coupler can have the effect of motor no-load starting and overload protection.Starting current and starting torque of the motor, however, only depends on its inherent characteristics, has nothing to do with the weight of the load.Model Y series three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor starting torque, the most close to or equal to the maximum torque, so the hydraulic coupling installation does not reduce the starting current of asynchronous motor, but also not increase the starting torque, so as long as the choice of motor is reasonable, can meet the needs of magnetic separation machine up and running, it in many practical application have proved that hydraulic coupling transmission.
That is about the related introduction of hematite magnetic separation machine drive, hope can help to you.

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