Forging of safety technical measures

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The structure of forging machinery not only should guarantee the safety in operation of the equipment, and should be able to ensure that installation, disassembly and maintenance and so on each work safety;In addition, it must be easy to adjust and replacement parts, easy to remove a check should be in the running parts for inspection.
Forging of safety technical measures
(1) forging machinery frame and highlight the part must not have sharp edges or burrs.
(2) the leakage of gear (gear transmission, the friction drive, a crank or belt transmission, etc.) must have a shield.Shield need hinge is installed on the fixed parts forging equipment.
(3) forging machinery starter must be able to guarantee to quickly switch equipment, and ensure the equipment running and parking status of continuous and reliable.
(4) the structure of the boot device should be able to prevent forging machinery accidentally start or start automatically.Larger air hammer or steam, the free air hammer handle simply operated, should set up simple operation room or shielding device.Die forging hammer of the pedals should also be under some kind of barrier, the operator should be feet into baffle to manipulate it.Devices must be in strict accordance with the pattern of manufacturing, materials and heat treatment requirements by tighten inclined wedge should be after annealing treatment, mould forging hammer end only allow partial quenching, once the end crimp, should stop using or repair again after use.
Forging of safety technical measures
(5) the electric starter button box, it should be marked on the button "start", "stop" and other words.Stop button is red, its position is higher than start button 10 ~ 12 mm. (6) high pressure steam pipeline in must be equipped with safety relief valve and condensing tank, to eliminate water hammer phenomenon, reduce the sudden increase of pressure.
(6) accumulator must be equipped with on the head to the hydraulic press when suddenly increased amounts of water consumption device can automatically shut down the pipe.
(7) any type of accumulator should have safety valve.Relief valve must be by technical inspector and seal, and check on a regular basis.
(8) the relief valve of a heavy hammer hammer must be sealed in lock box.
(9) installed in the independent room of gravity type accumulator must be equipped with load position indicator, and allow the operator to observe load on hydraulic press work site location.
(10) new installation and after heavy repair of forging equipment should be according to the drawings and specifications for the acceptance and test.
(11) operator should earnestly study forging equipment safety technology operating rules, strengthening equipment maintenance, maintenance, ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
Forging of safety technical measures
Above is about the safety technical measures of forging, the hope can help to you.