Features stainless steel precision casting processing technology

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Stainless steel precision casting high mechanical properties than the cast iron is higher, but the cast iron than poor performance. Its high melting point, easily oxidized liquid steel, the molten steel flow is poor, shrink large, stainless steel precision casting is suitable for all types and alloy casting.
Features stainless steel precision casting processing technology
Stainless steel precision casting process characteristics:
1, due to the contraction of the stainless steel precision casting much higher than cast iron, to prevent shrinkage, shrinkage defects in castings appear, riser and cold iron and subsidies and other measures on the casting process is a method often used to achieve solidification.
Features stainless steel precision casting processing technology
To prevent shrinkage, shrinkage, pores and cracks in the stainless steel casting defects and should be made uniform thickness, structure to avoid sharp corners, to avoid right-angle structure plus sawdust with sand in the mold, add coke-type core and the hollow core and the oil sands and other core or core sand to improve the yield and breathability.
Features stainless steel precision casting processing technology
2, since the liquidity on the Lord just poor, for the cold compartment and Misrun not appear on the castings, 8mm steel castings is the minimum wall thickness; mold or dry heat is suitable mold casting process; pouring temperature may be slightly higher number, typically 1520 ° ~ 1600 ℃, because the casting temperature is high, the degree of superheat of molten steel is large, the liquid can be maintained for a long time, can improve mobility. But the pouring temperature is too high, it will cause coarse grains, thermal cracking, porosity and sticky sand and other defects. It is generally small, thin-walled complex shapes and precision casting, the casting temperature of the steel melting temperature of about + 150 ℃; strive gating system structure is simple, and the cross-sectional size larger than the cast iron; large, thick-walled castings pouring temperature melting point higher than about 100 ℃.
Features stainless steel precision casting processing technology
These are the characteristics of stainless steel precision casting, hoping to help to you!

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