Dry magnetic separation machine is different

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Dry type magnetic separator is a common equipment and manganese ore, the mainstream of magnetic separation pause mine equipment.Dry type magnetic separator is for dry magnetic mineral separation magnetic separation machine, relative to the wet type magnetic separator to use liquid as diluent by sorting mineral separation efficiency, the dry type magnetic separator is asked to be sorting mineral dry, can move freely between particles and free state into separate, otherwise it will influence the magnetic separation effect, even will cause the consequences of not separation.Dry type magnetic separator is suitable for the size 3 mm below the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore and ilmenite wet magnetic separation of materials, also used in coal, non-metallic mineral, building materials and other materials in addition to iron.
Usually magnetic separator magnetic source usually USES a magnetic ferrite is weak, the demagnetization faster.Usually magnetic separator magnetic field is not high, can't absorb all of your iron ore forming magnetic separator to run mine, usually the magnetic separator is: you want to get to a high magnetic field, they use is multilayer superposition (usually four to five layer ferrite), can only absorb 65% iron, at the mercy of others due to the magnetic force can't run away, ferrite in the use of the mercy mercy demagnetization will return 35% a year, the more fierce, the longer using magnetic annealing magnetic further down to form bigger capital spoiling, run more.Usually the magnetic separator magnetic field lines can all four levels of ferrite, magnetic field level, there is no change of iron ore rolling effect is poor, further formation of magnetic separation machine running mine.Run away is not only capital, but also the hard-earned money of investors.
Dry magnetic separation machine full use of today's best ndfeb magnetic function as a magnetic source.Ndfeb is characterized by a high magnetic field, the highest single block can reach 5000 gauss magnetic table field, is a piece of magnetic block can reach planning of magnetic intensity, don't need a multilayer stack.The first high recovery rates, high magnetic field to ensure strong and stable magnetic source, the iron ore in the process of dry separation recovery rates exceed 95%;Magnetic, in bad working environment with magnetic durable safe, magnet demagnetization temperature ten years not to surpass 5%.Magnetic system adopts open movement composite magnetic system, multi-layer separation, increased over magnetic strength and speed in the process of sorting, there are rules of decreasing step by step to guarantee the high recovery rates of iron powder and advance the grade of the iron ore.And not sticky canister, do not wrap group, with high output, sorting static. Back is not only capital, but also the profit of investors.