Different casting mould processing

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Casting mould processing and the application of complex, processing mould parts including the content of the structures (such as machining parts surface, parts, etc.), machining allowance, the machining accuracy and surface roughness, etc.
Different casting mould processing
Injection mould processing required method is as follows:
(1) flat and processing: namely the shape as the plane, the corresponding processing jobs have saw, planer, plug surface help, electrolytic grinding, milling, etc.
(2) the hole processing: processing hole for the shape (form), the corresponding processing type of work have a drilling, reaming, reaming, bump, tapping, grinding, grinding, edm, wire cutting, etc.
(3) axial processing: processing for axial shape (shape), the corresponding processing type of work have a car, cylindrical grinding, wire cutting, etc.
Different casting mould processing
(4) type surface, surface, three-dimensional processing: the processing of the shape for the type of surface, surface and three-dimensional space.Corresponding processing work kind of milling, edm forming, cutting, grinding, electroforming, electrolysis, fast model making, forging, cold extrusion, low pressure casting, precision casting, epoxy resin casting, etc.
(5) surface treatment, processing: the surface of mold parts processing and processing, including thefamily, design, text, surface strengthening, etc.Corresponding processing work of carving, grinding, polishing, electrolytic polishing, CVD, photographic corrosion, chemical plating, plating, PVD coating, ultrasonic polishing.
Different casting mould processing
(6) assembly: namely the mold parts assembled into a complete mold.
(7) material processing: such as heat treatment, etc.
Above is the introductions of die casting process, the hope can help to you.