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Customized Stainless Steel Flange Forging Centrifugal Pump Flange

FOB Price:US $1-100 / Pieces
Min. Order Quantity:500 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability:50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
delivery time:30 days
Port:China mainport
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T, D/A,D/P,Western Union, MoneyGram,Other
Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)

  • Customized
  • Customized

Customized Stainless Steel Flange Forging Centrifugal Pump Flange

New Densen is professional supplier for impellers, made hundred kinds of various impellers for customers among the world. Material can be stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, etc. Process could be investment casting, sand casting, sintering, machining. Quality is reliable and prices are competitive. Welcome you send us enquires for quotation. 

Production description

Description Customized Stainless Steel   Flange Forging Centrifugal Pump Flange
Type   OEM
Application Pump,   Industry system
Processing Forging
Material stainless steel (304/316/304L)
Weight   Ranges 1-1000kg
Tolernace Controlled by GB   12362 Precision
Design   Support Pro-E,   UG,SolidWorks,AutoCad, PDF  
Quality   Control Material,   Dimension,Performance,inside defects,Balance test
Standard ASTM,DIN,JIS,ISO,GB   standards

Product show




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Products shown herein are made to the requirements of specific customers and are illustrative of the types of manufacturing capabilities available within Densen group of companies.

Our policy is that none of these products will be sold to 3rd parties without written consent of the customers to whom the tooling, design and specifications belong.  

Company Information

Shenyang New Densen Casting and Forging Company is the sales company of Shenyang Densen Group of Companies. Features of New Densen simply summarized as below:

1. Trusted supplier of steel, iron & non-ferrous components;

2. Extensive documented quality program in place. 

3. Castings, forgings, stampings, machining, welding & fabrication services.

4. 9 related factories, over 50 joint-venture sub-contractors.

5. 25+ years of manufacturing experiences, 10+ years of exporting experience

6. 100% of products sold to overseas customers.

7. 50% of customer base is forturne 500 companies. 

Densen Group Architecture:

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Processing support

Casting Service:

Casting is a manufacturing process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape, and then allowed to solidify. 

 New Densen offers multiple investment casting, sand casting, permanent casting, die casting, low pressure casting, ESR casting, lost foam casting, etc. Material can be handled include steel, iron, non-ferrous. Single component weight range is from 0.01Kg to 150 tons separately. 

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Forging Service:

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. New Densen offers open die forging, closed die forging and ring forging services. Material can be steel, iron and non-ferrous. Material can be handled include steel, iron, non-ferrous. Single component weight range is from 0.1Kg to 50,000Kgs.

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Stamping Service:

Stamping (also known as punching) is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a net shape.

 New Densen-XBL has more than 60 sets stamping equipments, is the designed supplier for several famous bands automotive companies, has the full ability to offer whole processes from blanking, stamping, welding, to electrostatic spraying for worldwide customers.

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Welding & Fabrication Service: 

Welding Frabrication is the fabrication process of metal structures by cutting, bending, then assembling the components together through welding 

 New Densen offers manual arc welding ,laser welding and robot welding etc. UT, MPT,RT,PT all are available used for inspection, WPS &PQR (Welding Process Specification& Procedure Qualification Records) before production is available under clients’ requirement.  

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Machining Service: 

Machining is any of various processes in which a piece of raw material is cut into a desired final shape and size by a controlled material-removal process. 

New Densen-XBL has more than 60 sets precision machines incl. CNC center, boring, milling, lathing, etc., and more than 300 inspection instruments incl. 3 sets CMM with grade μm. Repeated tolerance can be maintained as 0.02mm. Meanwhile awarded by certificates ISO9001-2008; ISO/TS16949. New Densen-XBL specialized in high precise machining for small-middle-big metal components. 

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3rd Party Inspection


3rd Party Inspection:

New Densen worked as 3rd party inspection center besides its sister factories or sub-contractors' self inspection, Offers process inspection, random inspection and before delivedry inspection services for material, mechanical, inside defects, dimentional, pressure, load, balance, surface treatment,  visual inspection and test. Weekly project follow-up report together with pictures and videos, full quality inspection documentation available. 

New Densen also designed as 3rd party inspection representative for several customers when their products made by other suppliers. 

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Sales data in 2017

Sales data in 2017: 

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