Centrifugal casting rust method

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Along with the development of science and technology, people more and more is also high to the requirement of centrifugal casting, also because the performance of the casting is special, so he was very prone to corrosion, but the handling of the corrosion can be, it is not that simple, commonly used methods are far before we can't meet the requirements of people, so today will come and you say some rust by centrifugal casting method.
In fact, there are several ways of centrifugal casting rust, in this simple and everybody said several, we can use the dehydration of anti-rust oil to rust, because this kind of dehydration rust-proof oil his antirust force is very strong, he can direct rust prevention on metal and some mechanical parts.
Due to his own advantage so he can be very good for use in some more complex parts, like that of some of the cast aluminum, copper and some metallurgy powder to rust.
Centrifugal casting rust method
We can casting for phosphating of centrifugal casting, this way, he is to distinguish, for temperature bath we can according to the specific requirements for selection and operation.
We usually in phosphating, if use the medium temperature, he is in 55 degrees, the temperature of the casting surface after phosphating liquid treatment he can generate a phosphating layer, this method is good for use in the coating.
Centrifugal casting rust method
We can also directly on the casting surface besmear to brush, if is a few bigger, but cannot be soaked castings, we can also use this method to solve.The phosphating liquid coating on the surface of the parts, wait for dry after he will generate a phosphating film, this time he is not only rust resistance is very good and he has very good compatibility.
Because we want to have more perfect centrifugal casting, so we need more high quality casting alloy, so we used metal to reach the corresponding standard.But the material requirements of the centrifugal casting his what?That's why we have been discussed, the specific content is as follows, for reference only.
Centrifugal casting rust method
We usually used in the centrifugal casting metal can be classified according to different types, such as iron, pig iron, etc., we use more is pig iron, it is a kind of metal furnace charge.When we are in the cast iron and cast steel, we not only use the pig iron and scrap steel, we will also use some other ferroalloys, so that can better to meet the performance requirements for casting, and he also will be relatively less impurities.But this time we also can not ignore the cost of his situation.
We need to meet user requirements implemented in hardness adjustment of centrifugal casting, because it can make a tool with higher performance, can also reduce the corresponding casting cost.