Casting technology and method for cast iron platform

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Cast iron plate, cast iron platform casting formation modeling is one of the key processes in the process of core making it on the casting quality, manufacturing cost, production efficiency, labor intensity and environmental pollution has very important influence. There are several kinds of cast iron plate casting method:
Casting technology and method for cast iron platform
A, after years of clay wet sand sand molding process production practice show that will become an important development trend of our country in the future, small casting production, is of low cost, less pollution, good quality, high efficiency advantages of injection pressure, molding pressure and molding high degree of mechanization, automation, high density humidity molding process. This will be the development direction of our small and medium enterprises.
Second, form the core making resin sand process: through the development of the bond economy, catalyst, or rarely contain pollution, and supporting environmental treatment equipment also studied at the same time, resin self hardening sand, cold core box from the hard process, warm box method and shell type (core) resin method are widely applied to process modeling of product of cast iron plate, cast iron platform, cast iron square box, plate bending, machine tool bed casting.
Casting technology and method for cast iron platform
Third, modelling core technology for water glass sand: improve the bonding performance through research on water glass purification and modification, water glass sand and used sand reclamation with technology and equipment to develop new products, application in large cast iron plate in the further promotion of ester hardening water glass sand.
Four, casting paint: in the transfer of paint, surface coating of the application of the field and mechanism to strengthen.
Casting technology and method for cast iron platform
Casting process for cast iron platform, cast iron plate, made with high strength, good appearance and prolong the service life. Therefore, the intrinsic quality of the iron platform, cast iron plate determines the casting process of good and bad.

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