Casting is not just to have

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Casting structure design should accord with the requirement of machine equipment itself and machining technology requirements, should also meet the requirements of the casting process, casting structure design should pay attention to the following:
Casting is not just to have
A, to facilitate manufacturing model, core box and style:
1,the appearance of the casting should strive to simple, in order to draw, should try to make the casting parting surface is flat, and the smallest number;
2,to the inner cavity of the casting, casting no or little use core, when using core, should be the support, the fixed and exhaust sanding, should have enough technology hole when necessary;
3,inner and outer side for casting and strengthening rib structure, should be in the draw direction has a certain slope structure;
4,convex parts and casting on the casting body should not differ too much, had better take the same height, the same distance on the surface of the close several convex sets, best into convex part of the whole.
Casting is not just to have
Second, to reduce the production of casting defects:
1, casting wall thickness should be uniform, in order to prevent the shrinkage cavity, cracking, when need to ensure that directional solidification conditions, should try to make it in one direction change of wall thickness, when the need to guarantee the solidification conditions at the same time, should try to make it have broken wall thickness;
2, casting wall and wall should be protected from sharp corners and connection between the metal concentration, thick wall and thin wall should be gradual transition, beware of mutation, lest cause thermal and stress concentration, the formation of hot crack, shrinkage, etc;
3, the local thick section of the casting, should be used as a hollowed or cast hole structure, and to strengthen rib appropriate reinforcement.
4, casting plane wall of the hole, application of convex edge reinforcement, in order to reduce wall thickness;
5, when casting structure should as far as possible to make it cooling without resistance to contraction;
6, should try to avoid casting with large water level;
7, casting, gas path, such as the interlining cavity of large area, should have some connection column.
Casting is not just to have
Three, to ensure the casting has good formability, control of castings, the minimum wall thickness is not lower than the allowable values.
The above is in conformity with the casting process of three conditions, hope to be able to help you.