Cantonese ball valve USES

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Wide type ball valve is also called the ball valve, the most widely used a kind of valve.It is through the movements to control the valve opening and closing of the gate, the gate is perpendicular to the direction of flow, changing the relative position between disc and seat can change the channel size.
Cantonese ball valve USES
Wide type ball valve is suitable for the medium for water, sewage pipe for CCTV equipment on the road, not allowed to adjust flow and emptying of use.Wide type ball valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power industries.In the nominal pressure or less l. 0 mpa of media such as steam, water, oil piping for opening and closing.Our factory can produce wide type ball valve, the parallel type single ram ball valve, power station valves, ball valves, ceramic discharge valve)
Cantonese ball valve USES
Cantonese ball valve has the following advantages:
1, simple cantonese ball valve body, the structure length is short, make good manufacturability, wide application scope.
2, wide type ball valve fluid resistance small, sealing surface Chong brush and erosion by the medium.
3, wide type ball valve open and close more effort.
4, the flow direction of medium wide type ball valve is not restricted, disturbed flow, reduce the pressure.
Cantonese ball valve USES
Cantonese ball valve product features:
1, wide type ball valve selection new electric device, can be in situ can also remote control operation, and can satisfy the requirement of computer program.Control accurate, safe and reliable (ceramic double gate valve)
2, when the system is working, gate opening and closing at a constant speed with 1.0 m/min;State power system, such as accident shut down into fast and slow close two stages.The opening of the 100-20% for fast, time (S).20-0% opening is slow, time is 40 (S).
3, as in the export of pump, ceramic valve is used, wide type ball valve has a valve rod locking devices.To ensure safe operation.
Cantonese ball valve USES
Cantonese style ball valves often ignore the pressure problem.In greasing operation, on the pressure gauge half free ball float steam trap a peak valley variation law.Pressure is too low, seal leakage or relief valve failure, pressure is too high, plant check valve on the lipid within the valve manufacturers jams, seal hardening or sealing ring and valve ball, valve plate lock.