Auto parts manufacturing industry has led to another industry

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Reviews the development of automotive history, it is not hard to see in which the role of advanced equipment and manufacturing process.Depends on the level and quality of automobile manufacture equipment level, at the same time, the car industry investment of more than half again to buy metalworking machine tools, imported machine tools accounted for about 80%, so the car industry's international competitiveness depends on the advanced equipment and production cost.
In recent years, China's auto industry has become the subject of machine tool consumption accounted for about 70% of the machine tool consumption in our country.So the industry had auto equipment supporting the automotive industry and machine tool industry of half the sky.For this, proudly machine network think there are three possible: first, China's auto consumption accounts for about half of the equipment manufacturing industry output value and profit;Second, China's auto industry to become the first motive force in the drive industry growth;Third, the development of automobile industry is dependent on the machine tool industry technology progress, and lead the development of machine tool industry.
Auto parts manufacturing industry has led to another industry
With increasing competition of automobile industry, automobile products renewal cycle is shortened from decades to three to five years, combination machine tools automatic line due to a lack of flexibility to adapt to.Combination machine tools automatic line for its efficient dominated the production of automobile industry.Appeared in the 1980 s, flexible automatic production line, speed up the upgrading of automobile products, improved the efficiency and flexibility of the enterprise, which is now we can see that each one of the reasons there are dozens of new cars.
Varieties mass manufacturing system is at the same time, many times new auto parts manufacturing system, is a manufacturing technology to cope with the demand of diversity and economy is the latest technology innovation.Many kinds of mass manufacturing system including artifacts in machine tools and compact flexible automatic assembly line.Chief Machine35 CEO said this to the requirements of different users, must provide the medium size and weight of gearbox shell and many varieties of engine cylinder head batch manufacturing system.
Auto parts manufacturing industry has led to another industry
The most commonly used auto parts of machine tool workpiece feeding type machine tool on top of this and has a revolutionary development: from vertical lathe type development to machining center type;Has a set of array type cutter axis, or power tools.These knives are modular, set according to processing requirements, processing object changes when the change of cutting tool is very convenient.Such a utility or compound machine tool can achieve all except the clamping base processing.Chip removal is convenient at the same time, suitable for mass production automation.When processing object changes also can change modular tool, thus processing greatly reduces the cycle of the product, cost is reduced greatly.Tool change time is short at the same time, omit the traditional machining center tool change most of the action, and save the tool change time.
Auto parts manufacturing industry has led to another industry
As technology advances, the car manufacturing update speed will be faster and faster, the diversity of growing demand, make the model number increase sharply;At the same time under the condition of the engine increasingly fierce market competition, increase production batch of uncertainty.Stood in machine tool network that can deal with all kinds of fractal manufacturing system generality of different parts processing module production plan, is suitable for many kinds of small batch production of the material.At the same time, due to the workpiece and tool greatly shorten the kinematic chain, simplify the machine structure, reducing the machine relative position accuracy between components, and thus reduce the difficulty of machine tool manufacturing.

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