Analysis of failure factors of die in the production of stamping die

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The most prone to the stamping die production problem is the mold failure, often caused by production, product production cycle is greatly affected. Mold cracking, breaking, up and so on are all belong to the mold damage, mold damage problems in processing, mold design, manufacturing process and the use of mold to find reasons. Therefore, the cause of the mold failure in the shortest time to find, reasonable maintenance.
Analysis of failure factors of die in the production of stamping die
At first, whether the material is suitable is to be examined, whether a reasonable heat treatment process is carried out. Usually have a great impact on the heat treatment process of die materials. If the quenching of the mold to produce high temperature, method and time to master unreasonable, as well as the tempering frequency, temperature, the choice of the elbow is not appropriate, will lead to damage to the mold after entering the stamping production. Design not reasonable good blanking hole size or depth, easy to make the slot blocking, causing damage to the blanking plate.
Analysis of failure factors of die in the production of stamping die
No good spring force or high set of unequal height, make spring break, the blanking plate tilt. Create overlapping impact and damage the parts. The punch fixed screw improper or insufficient strength. Cause the punch dropped or broken. When the mold is used, the position of the part, the direction of the installation error or the bolt fastening is not good.
Analysis of failure factors of die in the production of stamping die
Adjust too low working height, guide column lubrication. Feeding equipment failure, abnormal press, etc., the mold will be damaged. If they are not dealt with in a timely manner the mold in the entry of foreign matter, parts overlap, scrap jam, etc., to production and processing, stamping die down plate, punch, template and the guide column will be easily damaged.

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