An important part of the casting mould technology involved

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Die casting technology of production process there is some need to pay special attention to, the following is to summarize.
(1) gravity casting mould preparation process files mould technology mainly includes the mould parts processing technical process, key points of mold assembly process or next art discipline, material list, the list of purchased parts and outsourcing parts list, etc.Gravity casting mould technology personnel should be fully understand the die structure, working principle and requirements under the premise of.
An important part of the casting mould technology involved
(2) the second tool design and process of preparation of 2 kinds of tools (level 2) refers to the processing and mold parts and mold assembly used in a variety of special tools.These special 2 kinds of tools, usually by the mold design process technician is responsible for the design and process (special part completed by specialized technical personnel).Second class (with the quality and efficiency of quality of mould and production progress plays an important role.Can use the universal tool restructuring with the permission of the objective conditions, gravity casting mould should pay attention to the amount of the 2 kinds of tools and cost reduce to the minimum permitted by objective.
Often design the second class of tool has the nonstandard reamer and model, non-standard cutter, various surface inspection gauge, with copying machining, electric spark forming electrode, type surface inspection release pattern and so on.
An important part of the casting mould technology involved
(3) the treatment processing field technical problems appeared in the process of mold parts processing and assembly technology, quality and production management problem is mold. Technology personnel of one of the regular work.Such as interpretation process documents and technical guidance, adjust processing scheme and method, to handle size out-of-tolerance and generation of materials, etc.In processing factory on-site technical problems, gravity casting mould is to ensure the quality and to ensure the production schedule.
(4) test and appraisal work mould test after assembly is the main link of mold production, mold design, _ technology personnel and other personnel through the test mould problems, put forward the countermeasures to solve the problem, and the quality of the final technical status of the mold to make the right conclusion.
The above is the important content of the casting mould process involving hope everyone can notice.