All welded ball valve use knowledge

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All welded ball valve has a superior quality and strong performance, strong stability, etc., are common cast steel ball valves are not able to keep pace with.Can be used in a variety of harsh environment, such as petrochemical industry, power plants, iron and steel industry, etc., in the process of use, must pay attention to some details, can prolong the service life of the welded ball valve.
Regular activity valve ball
Use after a period of time, the user must be welded ball valve valve ball.Has a great role on the welded ball valve use, also can reduce the problems.
Regular activities 1, clear ball valve surface besmirch, ball valve, can reduce surface stains to pile up.The stain of the ball valve surface erosion, can prolong the service life of ball valve.
Valve ball 2, regular activities, can reduce because of external reasons, led to a ball valve fixed, cannot be easily adjusted.
All welded ball valve use knowledge
Regular cleaning the seat
Clean the seat is advantageous to the user for fluid control and operation, improve the welding ball valve.
1, regular cleaning the seat, this is the use of ball valve, one of the most important project can reduce stain on the seat accumulation, flexibility is abate, cause the seat components in the operation time more difficult.
2, clean all welded ball valve seat's time, the user can consider to transfer fluid properties, regulation valve cleaning time, can guarantee the ball valve normal use, also can reduce the user for the Labour cost.