Agricultural Diesel Injector technical state inspection and judgment method

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Agricultural diesel nozzle problems are problems we will encounter in use, let's take a look at inspection and judgment to this problem.
First, the car test method: after the engine nozzle in addition to other positions are normal, the first of nozzle coarse adjustment before installing the car. When the engine is started, in the car and through the "Listen to the sound, look vent" approach debugging.
Nozzle Check
Second, the standard nozzle comparison method: This method is to use a pre-tuned according to the provisions of the normal injector nozzle being examined for comparison. They put in parallel with the fuel pump through the tee, then the air discharge passage, the throttle to maximum. Open decompression shake car, and then view the case of two injectors are the same, if both are simultaneously injection, or both stop fuel injection, atomization state also agreed to prove this nozzle qualified.
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Third, check the pressure gauge method: check the gauge and the fuel injector through the tee in parallel with the fuel pump, the throttle to maximum. Vacuum pump oil will shake the car open, and allows the gauge to 9.8 kPa. And then the fuel injection nozzle at a rate of about 10 times per minute, then drip phenomenon will not happen. After the work is completed, and then adjusted to a predetermined pressure to the needle, and then spray test to about 80 times per minute about speed. Fine and uniform distribution of the droplet, oil beam direction, the cone angle should meet the requirements, should altogether and have a special crisp sound when cutting oil beam.
Nozzle Check
After the inspection nozzle when there is still a fault, it should be cleaned to check the needle, jack, remove the spring. If it is not working properly due to the wear and tear caused by the member should be renewed.