Affect the dry magnetic separation pause the other three indicators

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Dry type magnetic separator is suitable for size 3 mm below the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore and ilmenite wet magnetic separation of materials, also used in coal, non-metallic mineral, building materials and other materials in addition to iron.Xin di mining machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of dry magnetic separation machine, I plant dry magnetic separation machine barrel surface magnetic field intensity, magnetic Angle deep big, stable magnetic field intensity, the transmission system is stable and reliable, and can significantly improve the ore into the ground.So today, we will affect the dry magnetic separation pause to share with you the other three indicators.
(1) the thickness of the feeding layer: it is processing with the granularity of raw materials and relevant content of magnetic particles, dealing with coarse particle feeding layer thicker than the fine grained some commonly.When dealing with coarse grained ore to seam thickness is about 1.5 times that of the largest particles.In processing of graded can reach maximum particle 4 times the left and right sides, and level of fine grained material can reach 10 the thickness of the particles.Magnetic material content in the raw material is not high, thin seam should have some.If is too thick at the bottom of magnetic particles under the pressure of the upper material, magnetic force caused by sucking up recovery.A high content of magnetic particles, seam can be thicker.
Affect the dry magnetic separation pause the other three indicators
(2) the magnetic field intensity and work it to be processed material particle size, magnetic level and requirements have close relations, when work clearance must be between the poles of the magnetic field strength is decided by the number of ampere turns of coil, the number of turns can't adjust, can only use to change the size of the exciting current to adjust the intensity of magnetic field.Processing magnetic strong red selection such as homework, should use weak magnetic field, processing magnetic materials and magnetic weak scavenging assignments, field intensity should be high.When a certain current, change the size of the work not only can change the strength of the magnetic field, but also change the magnetic field gradient, reduce the gap magnetic field force has increased dramatically, generally should be dealing with the size of the particles according to reduce as far as possible in order to increase the recovery rate.Selection, it is best to clearance adjustable bigger, to increase the selectivity, reach the purpose of upgrading, but at the same time to increase the exciting current to ensure appropriate needs the magnetic field strength.
Affect the dry magnetic separation pause the other three indicators
(3) feed speed, feed speed is according to the speed of vibration slot (or belt).It decided to screw the time duration of the particles in the magnetic scared by mechanical force, the greater the speed, particles in magnetic field for the short, ore grain by mechanical force is given priority to with gravity and inertia knife, gravity is a constant, inertia force proportional to the square of the velocity.Weak magnetic particles in the magnetic field of magnetic force than gravity, therefore, speed increases beyond a certain limit due to the inertia force, adsorption of the magnetic force will be less than, cause lower recovery rate.So, choose don't used weak magnetic minerals under strong magnetic mineral feed speed.Generally, when selected, the monomer granule raw materials is more, magnetic and strong, feed speed can increase point, scavenging, contained in raw materials and even had more body, magnetic and weaker, to improve the rate of feed speed should be lower;When dealing with fine particles, to promotes the loose of ore grain, the frequency of the vibration slot should be high, small amplitude;The opposite when dealing with coarse grained.Appropriate operating conditions shall be according to the requirement of the ore properties and quality of sorting through the experiment to determine.When dealing with rare metal ore, narrow level feed raw materials should be kept dry, beneficial to the improvement of the index, with a wide level feed, because its size particles by magnetic force is large, but also increases the election don't choice difficult conditions, experience has shown that the original grain sieve classification is, the more don't index is better.A concentration plant in our country, the original screen is divided into 2 (3) ~ (20 eyes) 0.83 mm, 0.83 ~ 0.2 mm (65 mesh) and 0.2 ~ 0 mm tertiary treatment, respectively than those of grading index increased by 10%, the moisture in the raw material can make particles sticking to each other, the more fine particles, the more the degree of adhesion, so raw material allows moisture is not the same at all levels.General - 3 mm material allows moisture less than 1%, the fine particles.The more strict.
That is about the dry magnetic separation pause don't indicators related introduction, hope can help to you.

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