A risk factor for forging machinery

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In the process of forging machinery, there are many risk factors will be a lot of people ignored, below is for you to introduce what are the risk factors.
A risk factor for forging machinery
Forging is one of the methods of metal pressure processing, it is an important part in mechanical manufacturing.According to the forging processing when the different state of temperature of the metal materials, can be divided into the hot forging, warm forging forging and cold forging.This article refers to the hot forging, the processed metal materials in the red state (forging temperature range), by the impact of the forging equipment on metal or static pressure, the shape of the metal plastic deformation and get expected size and organizational structure of forging.
A risk factor for forging machinery
In the forging workshop of main equipment are forging hammer, press, hydraulic press or crank press, furnace, etc.Production workers often in vibration and noise, high temperature burning, smoke, and head, blank pile up bad work environment, therefore, to operate the equipment safety and health of the workers should pay special attention;Otherwise, will be prone to all kinds of safety accidents in production process, especially the personal injury accidents.
These are all about the introduction of risk factors existing in the forging machinery, hope to be able to help you.

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    The procedure for new project develop as below:
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    6. After inspection report approved, Logistics Department help arrange the shipping to customer